Friday, December 3, 2010

Why do I love you

That day.. someone asked me, why do you like Sherina..
I ofcourse had the answers in my head =>

It's kind of silly for me to list down my answers but :X here goes~

1. I like your laugh.
2. You make me HAPPY!
3. Your eyes
4. Your adorable clumsiness
5. Your character
6. The way you talk
7. Just being you <3
8. Just because.
9. Your funny ^3^
10. Being with you makes my day so much better
11. Because you're there when I'm down.
12. You're awesome!
13. You are my everything.
14. How similar we are in some ways~ :P sotong haha cough
15. Most of all, You make me whole.
16. Because You love me back <3 <3 <3
17. Do i really have to list down more? o_O
18. Come one.. you know why I love you right? @_@
19. Seriously? o_.
20. Now that you've read this, its YOUR turn xD
21. Now go and right down the reasons you <3 me XD =P -tag your it!-
22. My list will go on <3 -to be updated-

I love you <3 ^_____^

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