Thursday, December 2, 2010


Title: Thine.
Knowest thou that thine eyes shine so bright liketh the moon?
Thy smile, I thinketh so sweet liketh roses,
Whence did thou come from liketh a tune~
...Whenst we meet, I knowest we will spend,
Quality time just liketh in June,
Thy liketh my summer that will never fade,
With me, thine summer shall never end,
Together, each other we were made,
With each other Love we portend =) By: SirJoe (Me)
<3 ℒℴvℯs ♥~ ♥, ℒℴvℯs ♥~ ♥, ℒℴvℯs ♥~ ♥◊ღ^_^†◊ღ ℒℴvℯs ♥~ ♥ ~♫♪

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