Sunday, October 10, 2010

Rofl at my other post, it typed everything in Hindi xD
Well.. I have no idea why I'm here, perhaps I just wanted a place to rant and release some stress.
Nowadays life still goes on, its been hard yes, but still hanging in there =)
Fell ill last thursday, body feels so weak u.u
Misses that someone alot alot alot.
Hope she knows.
I care alot.
Perhaps I should blog more often?.
This blog shall never be made public :P.
I say to strengthen one's relationship with another, understanding must take place, its give and take~ Learn to accept one for who one is =) Love their faults~ It's what they are ^^

The heck am I talking about? =/
No idea.. my head hurts like mad, so I must be typing nonsensical sentences @_@
-pokes that someone <3 (you know who you are xD-

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