Monday, May 28, 2007

Badminton Tournament...!! :P

Badminton tournament that i joined on Sunday.. 27th May 2007 was great... it was shockiing though.. to be knocked at the first round... in both singles AND doubles... BUT.. luckily they had ermm a "second chance thing called "plate* rounds") *dunno if its spelled dat way onot... --... and well.. I won the singles.. and lol i had to verse my doubles partner in the finals of the singles.. and yea we won the doubles too! yay! hmm.. if i had not injured my knee the day b4 and my partner's eye wasnt smashed at three weeks back we wouldv'e done betta :D excuses? nonono...true facts....Lol..why'd they put us up against an ex rep? ... man... Well.. at least that game was soo close me:19, that guy:21... i was catching up soo fast.. i thought id win.. but then i messed up.. got too excited hahahaha.... and smashed the shuttle right outside the court... dammit... oh well i learned the hard way... about singles games.... U can hit it further loool.... -_-"... well.. looking forward to the next toury!! FOR REVENGE! MUAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAA(evil grin on face) heheheh :P

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