Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Jury Summoned

Well..i was jury summoned the other day to become on of the Jury members in a court case, so i attended on monday, well i went there and basically they called out names randomly and you get selected, unfortunately this particular case, was delayed due to the stupid lawyer which was unable to gather his evidence today, so I'll hafta attend again 2moro.... I'll elaborate further on this 2moro XD -_-" i fell asleep so many times just waitng there.... they told us to wait 15 minutes, that was at 10am, Started at 9, roll call 1st then after that, they said wait and u shall be escourted to the court room XD, well we waited and waited and waited, he came back and said unfortunately blablabla evidence blablabl delayed blablbla, then said come back at 11 o...........k, so it was 11 something he came back and said unfortunately bnblablabla delayed till 215 i was like O_O" O_< >_< " X_X .. so yea i fell asleep waiting till 2 something when he came bac he said sorry, undortunately blablbla again, and said copme back 2moro! OMG! i have assignments duuuude...arghhhh =_=" << became restless :P

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